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As a Car Valeter ... Do you really need a FULL motor trade insurance policy?

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If you are a car valeter, the answer is probably NO.

We have a valeting insurance motor trade policy designed specially for you which covers your vehicle and all customers cars and can cost as little as £262.50 for comprehensive cover.

The valeting insurance policy is designed for people like you who do not buy and sell cars and do not need a policy that covers scores of different cars you may own during the year.

The premium is calculated on several simple factors including your vehicle, so provided you drive a low rated vehicle for your work, premiums can be very cheap.

Car valeters fall into two main groups. Some are contracted to motor garages and work on other motor traders premises. Others work from home or their own premises and deal directly with the public.

Car valeters working on the premises of other garages should be covered by their employers' insurance policies. We can provide contingent cover for any private work they may undertake.

Car valeters who work from home often collect and deliver cars and also own a vehicle of their own.
We can provide a car valeter insurance policy that will cover your own vehicle and all customers' cars for comprehensive cover from as little as £262.50. This is based on a 55 year old, owning an older group one car and living in a rural area*

*(Most comprehensive policies are in the region of £350 to £450)



Valeters may also need Liability cover for both members of the public and employees. Please Click Here for a Liability Insurance Quote Form


Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement if you employ anyone on either a permanent or temporary basis. It is to protect you against any claim they may make against you for injury. Courts will nearly always seem to award in favour of an employee and claims can be very substantial - with just minor looking injuries costing employers tens of thousands of pounds. Employers Liability cover cannot normally be taken out on its own - it is usually tied to a Public Liability policy.


Public Liability policies can be purchased without the Employers Liability cover and protect you against claims made by members of the public for damage or injury that you have caused. This cover is not compulsory but must be bought if you also need Employers Liability Insurance.


People employed by you to do work even on a "Self Employed" or "Sub-Contract" basis are not members of the public and the only way you can protect yourself against claims made by them is to arrange Employers Liability cover.

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